Interaction Technologies was formed in 2000 by Brad Meyer and I to commercialise on the work we had done together in BP PLC. The project involved introducing virtual teamworking to the top 120 leaders within the company, changing the way they worked together utilising desktop video technology. 

Back then we quickly realised that we had a shared desire to improve personal interactions and that emerging technologies could transform how this happened across time and geographic boundaries.

We have been using our complimentary skills ever since to develop tools and approaches that enable our clients to capitalise on knowledge sharing

I’m Brad Meyer. I work in the knowledge space and have been providing the value of I-T-L’s software and services to our corporate and NGO client base for the last several years.

I’m Jim Hood.  I have been a business leader in a number of large International Companies.  I am particularly skilled in implementing changes to sytems and business processes.  I have recent experience in a number of start-up enterprises.


We are always looking for partners and opportunities, this may mean that you can benefit from what we’re doing. 


If you’re curious about multi-sensory knowledge sharing and we have increased your curiosity, then email us via this link Brad & Jim at